Web hosting with external domains Part 2

Domain Factory

One of the easiest solutions to combine an external domain with a classic Web hosting package has come up with the Ismaninger DomainFactory GmbH which offers its customers the possibility of any external domain (regardless of the chosen TLD) easy to order in the customer menu and to use immediately, if they have the official mail server from domain registrar at the Factory activated. Sorry external domains are not in vain: Each address costs 0.29 euros per month, what DomainFactory justified by the fact that external domains consume considerable resources.

Host Europe

However, accruing at DomainFactory costs are nothing compared to what other providers charge for the same service: Cologne Host Europe GmbH takes for each external domain Proud 0,50 € a month and makes it unnecessarily difficult especially for beginners, the DNS settings are correctly to place. You have to deal with the AUTO-DNS system, which requires a lot of knowledge – for example, how the difference of primary and secondary DNS Profile affecting the accessibility of your website. On the other hand, Host Europe are naturally professional users with a bit more flexibility.

1 & 1 Internet

Actually, 1 & 1 is not exactly known for particularly large customer friendliness – with external domains but this is different: the use of the address, which was ordered from a third party provider, currently costs ten euros once. 1 Customer Control Center must perform the so-called domain check and check it, if the desired address is already in use in only 1. If the check is positive, 1 & 1 offers by default, move it – the domain can be integrated with one click but also externally. Very handy is the ability to make, the e-mail settings completely unchanged.

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Web hosting with external domains

Introduction to the hosting of external domains

The registration of a domain user does not leave the Web hosting provider necessarily. Instead, they can also be booked for other service providers, which brings some advantages.

All major German web hosts allow you to use external domains in a shared hosting package. This brings many advantages, for example, the move is done to another provider usually after a few minutes. Network World explains what users need to know about external domains.

In Europe it is common that even in cheap shared hosting packages some .de, .com or .net domains are included. In the US things are very different: There are customers for years accustomed to order their addresses from another provider that does not provide the actual web hosting.

External application

There’s a good reason: Those who registered their domains in an independent service needs when changing the web hosting provider does not have to worry about that its domains are transferred incorrectly to the competition. The entire KK-procedure is applicable – in most cases, only the name of the new server provider’s Domain Registrar must be registered, so that it also threatens no failure of e-mail communications.

In addition, most companies offer, the totally focus on the registration of domains and do not offer web hosting, a further advantage: they offer the customer more top-level domains to choose from. For example, United Domains have the extension .ee Estonia on offer that even the largest German web host – the 1 & 1 Internet AG – can not offer.

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Shared hosting vs VPS Server

While preparing this guideline I found very quickly that some optimizations are only possible if the website operator can influence the configuration of the Apache web server in its entirety. This is not possible in a shared hosting tariff generally, since the customer is provided only a very limited ability to adapt and installation of additional modules.

What the Shared hosting also sometimes have problems – especially in terms of performance – leads, is the fact that there are many different websites (in our case about 100) are located on a server and thus share the available computing power. Then finds, for example, on a hosted Web sites a rush of visitors instead of the other sites automatically go to their knees or in part are no longer accessible. The curve shown in the last article of the back-end-time is a prime example of what you can expect volatile response times in a Shared-Hoster. The constant charging time is different.

Another disadvantage of the shared hosting has to do with the subject of SEO. All websites on the web space of a shared web host are reachable via the same IP address, which can influence the ranking on Google under negative circumstances. The reasons for this are buried (bad neighborhood) in the keyword “Bad Neighborhood”. Are on your webspace for example websites hosted that were punished by spamming or not allowed SEO techniques from Google, then this can also have an impact on the ranking of your page because it is reachable via the same IP address.

By changing to a V-server with its own IP address for you the theme “Bad Neighborhood” is no longer relevant.

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