Web hosting with external domains

Introduction to the hosting of external domains

The registration of a domain user does not leave the Web hosting provider necessarily. Instead, they can also be booked for other service providers, which brings some advantages.

All major German web hosts allow you to use external domains in a shared hosting package. This brings many advantages, for example, the move is done to another provider usually after a few minutes. Network World explains what users need to know about external domains.

In Europe it is common that even in cheap shared hosting packages some .de, .com or .net domains are included. In the US things are very different: There are customers for years accustomed to order their addresses from another provider that does not provide the actual web hosting.

External application

There’s a good reason: Those who registered their domains in an independent service needs when changing the web hosting provider does not have to worry about that its domains are transferred incorrectly to the competition. The entire KK-procedure is applicable – in most cases, only the name of the new server provider’s Domain Registrar must be registered, so that it also threatens no failure of e-mail communications.

In addition, most companies offer, the totally focus on the registration of domains and do not offer web hosting, a further advantage: they offer the customer more top-level domains to choose from. For example, United Domains have the extension .ee Estonia on offer that even the largest German web host – the 1 & 1 Internet AG – can not offer.

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